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dawnmarie started this conversation

I am thirty one years old, I have three children ranging from twelve to five. My children are my life and come first before all else. Three years ago I decided to attend college to better my life and my childrens life. I am a political science major and wish to attend law school in the future. I receive a pell grant and federal unsub and sub. loans. I made the choice last year to focus on my children and school only. I was working but found that my children were lacking in time spent with me. Thank you for any sites that you might direct me to for other programs.



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Hi Dawn I am new to this site and I really don't knowhow this works but it is nice to see that people really help people these days.  I reaaly need help getting my car fix before the first of the month, Then my tag will run out, it has already ran out but I am driving on a wing and a pray.  You can see my profile to see what I had to say about that.  I am baby sitting for my two nice's right now for the sister and brother-in-law are out of town on their anniavariy it is their 19th so I have not been able to do much on trying to get help on my car.   I fear that on the first I will not beable to drive the car and I will surely catch more trouble then I have now,  How did you get the help you needed.  Also what about the government programs that you were talking about.

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Big Papa

Hey brother, that is great that you are in school.  What school do you go to and what are your plans when you graduate?  How do you find time for everything? What kind of a relationship do you have with your children? Your ex? Are you in a relationship now?

Hear from you soon.

Big Papa

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Me again---just to let you know...when it comes to single mother's attending school there are so many would qualify for housing (in most cases)...that is how I did it...I went back to school full time...received AFDC, housing, food stamps, went to community agencies for assistance for the bills I could not cover (i.e. churches,project independence, town trustee,etc.) I did this for 1 1/2 yrs and earned my assoc is rough but now I qualify for higher paying jobs.

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Dawn I don't know the ages of your children but almost all states have HeadStart Programs or the equivalant of that is usually free or a small co-payment to provide educational daycare for your children...meals included..sometimes even transportation..if you qualify for foodstamps and because you need it while you attend school ...then you should qualify for this too. Look up the headstart website and it should tell you if they have that program near you

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Besides federal agancies, there are meny non-governmental organizations that offer grants and loans. Also, many states have state-level grant programs. What state are you from? Do you happen to know if your site has such programs? Maybe there are, so why don't you visit your local government's site?

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Hi Dawn, Check the Raise the Nation Foundation, if you have not already done it. Their site says that they give money for single mothers who wish to study. Wish you luck!

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