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Dawn I don't know the ages of your children but almost all states have HeadStart Programs or the equivalant of that is usually free or a small co-payment to provide educational daycare for your children...meals included..sometimes even transportation..if you qualify for foodstamps and because you need it while you attend school ...then you should qualify for this too. Look up the headstart website and it should tell you if they have that program near you

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Besides federal agancies, there are meny non-governmental organizations that offer grants and loans. Also, many states have state-level grant programs. What state are you from? Do you happen to know if your site has such programs? Maybe there are, so why don't you visit your local government's site?

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Hi Dawn, Check the Raise the Nation Foundation, if you have not already done it. Their site says that they give money for single mothers who wish to study. Wish you luck!

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